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Big Brother – Brs labs

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Big Brother

After 9/11, everything changed. Video analytics were quickly adopted and installed to help the ability to monitor thousands and thousands of video surveillance feeds. Unfortunately, these systems did not innovate to a higher level to transform these laborious detection technologies to levels that would meet the expectations required by security teams across the globe. The security industry unfortunately lacked sufficient alternatives to meet its needs.

In an effort to find a smarter, safer and technologically advanced system Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. (BRS Labs) was founded in 2005. The market was demanding a solution as the reliance of video surveillance and CCTV continued to ascend.

The industry required a solution that would demonstrate improvement and a greater sense of understanding. The phrase, “Knowledge is Power” became a main driver to build a system that would continue to gain intelligence based on its ability to learn and analyze everything observed. A system was created that could detect unusual or suspicious activity without human interaction. Shortly thereafter, AISight was born.

Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. is the leading software development company for video behavioral recognition software. BRS Labs invented a revolutionary technology and developed an award-winning product that delivers the full potential and promise of Intelligent Video Surveillance Technology (technology beyond traditional “video analytics”) to an industry whose needs have long been underserved and fraught with human errors.

Prior to BRS Labs, video analytics technology was only as smart as the human who programmed it. This is no longer the case. BRS Labs recognized that for video surveillance to be successful it must deploy easily and rapidly on large scale video networks and it must provide actionable information without inundating the end user with false alarms.

AISight (pronounced “eye-sight”) the industry’s first and only Behavioral Recognition solution for the video surveillance industry is the result of extensive research and marketplace feedback. BRS Labs assembled a team of scientists and engineers that, over the last five years, invented and patented technology that removes the human element and utilizes the full power of the computer.

No other company has been able to bring the level of innovation to match AISight. Because of the company’s unmatched position in the field of Behavior Recognition, many of the industry’s most prestigious honors and awards have been bestowed on BRS Labs.