‘This American Life’ Coca-Cola Recipe Story Goes Viral

Posted: February 16, 2011 in world
cocacola.jpgFebruary 16, 2011 at 4:32 AM (PT)
This weekend’s episode of “THIS AMERICAN LIFE” included a story about the “secret recipe” of COCACOLA, andCOKE insists that the recipe isn’t the “real thing.”

The PUBLIC RADIO INTERNATIONALand CHICAGO PUBLIC MEDIAnoncommercial News-TalkWBEZ/CHICAGO show got the recipe from something that has been a non-secret for over 30 years, a photo of a recipe that appeared in the ATLANTA JOURNAL in 1979, but the story took on a life of its own after the show when Internet sites picked up on the item.

“I think other people are having the same reaction to this when I had when I first saw this article in the AJC. This supposedly secret recipe has been hiding in plain sight for 30 years,” hostIRA GLASS told the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION, the successor to the JOURNAL. “I think we all know COCACOLA. We all have heard about the incredible secrecy. But no no, it’s not a secret. It’s been sitting out there for years.”

The recipe appeared in a JOURNAL column by CHARLES SALTER, the “GEORGIA RAMBLER,” whose daughter-in-law LISA POLLAK is a producer for “THIS AMERICAN LIFE” and whose column inspired an episode of the show last year. COCACOLA spokesperson KERRY TRESSLER denied that the show found an authentic recipe, but GLASS, who consulted a historian, said that he believes that COKE syrup creator JOHN PEMBERTON “himself made this recipe, either as his first version of COCACOLA or as one of the versions early on in trying to make this stuff.”



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