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Posted: January 9, 2011 in Ciber

wikiHow is a collaborative effort to build and share the world’s largest, highest quality how-to manual. Like Wikipedia, wikiHow is a wiki, in that anyone can write or edit a page on the site. Thousands of people from all over the world have collaboratively written 95,545 how-to articles. Over 25 million people a month read wikiHow, which makes it the 150th most popular website according to Quantcast.

Because wikiHow is editable by anyone, our content changes every day. Each edit can be seen on our list of Recent Changes, which gets reviewed constantly by volunteer editors. Most of the edits made on any given day are helpful, and any poor edits are usually quickly reverted. In this way, articles on wikiHow improve over time, as more and more people contribute their unique knowledge and skills.

Not only are wikiHow’s how-to articles written and maintained by everyday people, but they’re also shared with as many people around the world as possible. Our Creative Commons license allows wikiHow’s article to be used freely by any organization or person for any non-commercial purpose. Allowing free republication of our content helps achieve wikiHow’s mission by offering our instructions to the problems of everyday life to even more people for free. Plus, multilingual versions of wikiHow are slowly being built in Spanish, German, French, and other languages.

At the core of wikiHow is the volunteer community of writers and editors, who contribute for a wide variety of reasons and in a wide variety of ways. There’s a small team of employees, whose job it is to make sure the site keeps reaching readers and innovating on the technology, but volunteer contributors like you are the lifeblood of this project.

If you’d like to help out, getting started is easy. We need authors to start new articles, editors to fix typos,add photos, pick videos, correct inaccuracies, and patrol recent changes. Read this list of the dozens ways you can contribute. If you have any questions, ask the Help Team.



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