Organic Farming

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Eco village

Welcome, Frank Thompson!


Country of Origin
What is your experience in Organic Farming?
I have been working this organic farm for 15 years and am an active member of the local organic farm community.
What do you want the Farms and fellow WWOOFers to know about you?
I am a retired geologist and came to Costa Rica in my late 40’s. I enjoy growing, preserving and preparing organic foods. I am also interested in current social and political issues and am always willing to share conversations and documentary movies.

For more information about the farm and the volunteer program and openings for volunteers, please consult my personal web page and respond to me there.…

(For FARMS only) Location of Farm
San Isidro del General
(For FARMS only) Description of Farm, requirements and other information
La Puebla (which in Spanish means a seed planted by a gardener) is a 12 acre river side farm. I have 3 acres of mixed coffee and chocolate growing in the shade of wood and fruit trees. The coffee and chocolate are processed on the farm. There is always food growing in the gardens and tender greens growing under cover. We have a solar dryer for drying coffee, chocolate, fruit and power bars. There are trails winding through hardwood trees, regeneration forests and along the river front. There is also a natural spring fed swimming pool.

I prefer couples that are willing to stay at least one month and who are genuinely interested in learning about organic farming in tropical conditions. Every volunteer gets his/her own garden area. You will be planting a garden for the future, maintaining gardens planted one or two months ago and eating from gardens planted 3 – 4 months ago. Work will also include planting and maintaining our dozens of kinds of tropical fruit trees, trail maintenance, roasting coffee and picking and processing coffee (October and November).

The work is mornings – 5 hours/day and 5 days/week. Your time off is your own. The farm has easy bus access to San Isidro de El General – a major supply town in southern Costa Rica. There is also easy access to Pacific beaches and Cerro Chirripo. Most volunteers work extra hours to build up time off to enjoy the beaches or climb the mountain, etc.

In this part of southern Costa Rica there are many like minded foreigners with small farms who you will be able to meet and interact with if you choose. I live a short walk from a small Costa Rican community (Rivas) where there is a local environmental organization, internet access, hardware and small grocery shops and pleasant local bar.

(For FARMS only) Lodging and Meals offered to WWOOFers
I and my four dogs live in the larger central house and there are two separate, private and fully equipped cabins for the volunteers. There are usually 1 or 2 people living in each cabin. I provide all linens and cooking equipment. We will share the occasional meal but for the most part you are completely independent.


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